Community survey conducted in East Africa

We have completed the data collection for the community survey in East Africa. This survey assesses perceptions of climate change among fishers, farmers, cattle-rearers, and urban dwellers. We asked our participants what they think causes climate change, what the consequences are, and what can be done to adapt to climate change.

Thanks to Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation for coordinating this work! The data was collected by our colleagues at National Fisheries Resource Research Institute in Uganda, Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute in Tanzania, and the Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute in Kenya. Unfortunately, due to the continuing of the COVID pandemic, the MECCA team was not able to assist the field work. We are therefore very grateful that our partners were able to successfully complete the data collection without our presence.

We look forward to analyzing this data in collaboration with our colleagues at the above-mentioned institutes and hope to share the findings soon.

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